Kawaii Guts - No Balls - No Wars! (2013)

Kawaii Guts - No Balls - No Wars! (2013)

Группа: Kawaii Guts
Альбом: No Balls - No Wars!
Год: 2013
Страна: Россия
Жанр: porngrind / goregrind
Качество: 320 kbps
Размер: 63 mb

01 Prologue - A pregnant ladyboy bears through his butt (or How to play coprogrind)
02 Dildo is a diarrhea medicine
03 The Pope eats Tokyo virgins’ shit
04 One-legged girl crapped in the shoe shop
05 My wife’s guts are longer than I used to think
06 Policeman shitted on his string panties during silence minute
07 Catholical Holy Father gives a blowjob to a pony
08 Ladyboy rapes a Thai boxing champion
09 A sorrowful girl masturbates with a carrot
10 Yotsuba & machinegun
11 Fuck...I'm Dad
12 It’s bad to rape babies, but Judaism is worse
13 Dart Vader massages his prostate gland with the Lightsaber
14 Angry Nerds
15 Diarrhea psychological service
16 All afromen have got huge cocks because all afrowomen have got enormous cunts
17 A sheriff sodomized by a horny bear
18 Islam ain’t bad if you’re not a lady
19 Smells Like Teen Pussy
20 It’s better to gorge shit than to listen to country music
21 Catholicity is good for you if you’re a pedophile
22 If you think God’s watchin’ us over, eat some shit, amuse Him!
23 A sumo wrestler has accidentally squashed up a pigeon, a poodle, two Arabs and their taxi
24 Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll are for wimps. Masturbation, tea and funeral doom are the choice of real men!
25 Captain America jacks off looking at JFK, then comes on the Star-Spangled Banner
26 Monthlies aren’t a chance to avoid anal sex
27 Wipe your bottom with your hand - save a tree!
28 Dragonshit (power metal band)
29 Dragoncunt (another power metal band)
30 Nya Kawaii Death Combo
31 Opponents of abortion prefer anal sex
32 Ten African children can feed off an American
33 Accidental orgasm in mausoleum
34 I like porngrind cos I’m a wanker
35 The anal adventures of spermatozoons of a Professor of quantum chromodynamics
36 Epilogue - A pretty little girl dismembers her pregnant nanny alive (or How to play raw black metal)

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 #1 написал: даже не думай (20 сентября 2013 15:47)
Заебись ,просто отлично , 4 раз переслушиваю.
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